Documents necessary for the settlement of income in Poland

The deadline for submission of annual tax returns in Poland expires is April 30 2020.

What documents are required to settle tax from employment in Poland (or income earned in Poland and abroad)?

  1. Annual tax statement from your employer (PIT-11):
    If you work with several employers, each of them must provide you with a separate document,
    if you receive benefits from the Social Insurance Institution, the National Employment Agency, or any other institution, you must obtain the relevant information on your annual income from such institutions,
    if you work abroad, you will need the annual summary information on gross income, social security contributions and income tax (separately for each country in which work was performed).
  2. Information on revenue for 2018 (if settled with the Polish tax office) item 94 of PIT-36 or item 64 of PIT-37 – in case of settlement as a Taxpayer, item 149 of PIT-36 or item 95 of PIT-37 – in case of settlement as a Taxpayer’s spouse.

    With this information, we’ll be able to file a tax return electronically, and if applicable, you’ll receive your tax refund quickly.

  3. Information on tax credits
    • Child tax credit (Child’s data: first and last name, date of birth or PESEL number). In 2015, the child tax credit for the third and subsequent children was increased by 20%. The tax credit may be used by families in which at least one person pays income tax. The tax credit also applies if the amount of paid tax is less than the maximum amount of the credit. The payment, however, must not exceed the sum of the contributions to social and health insurance.
    • Donations (for public benefit or for religious purposes)
    • The so-called Internet credit (applicable only if not settled previously, can be applied for two consecutive years). To apply for the Internet credit, it is necessary to provide invoices for Internet service issued in 2019. The maximum amount of the credit is PLN 760
    • Other credits – including the credit for Honorary Blood Donors, the credit for charitable or religious donations, , the credit for payments to an Individual Pension Security Account, and other credits. In the case of settlement for two spouses, we calculate both joint and separate settlement, and – upon agreement – send the tax office the version which is more favourable to the taxpayers.
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