Agnieszka Stachurska

  • Education: Economic Administration, College of Public Administration in Szczecin
  • Certified Independent Accountant
  • Certified Internal Auditor ISO 9001-200
  • Training: “Income from foreign countries – taxes in Poland”

I’ve been involved with business administration and accounting since 1992. That’s more than two decades of continuous learning – following changes in financial and administrative law (both in Poland and abroad) and adapting the methods of work to the constantly changing requirements of the tax authorities – all to give my clients confidence and peace of mind.

I started to provide tax settlement services to those working in Norway and Denmark in 2007. I help compile all necessary documents, explain any ambiguities, and send complete settlements with tax offices. I also prepare corrections and appeals, acting quickly, especially in urgent situations where time matters.

A team you can count on

ABS tax settlements is a team of experienced administrative assistants responsible for the organisation and initial qualification of the necessary documents, as well as scanning and archiving documents, and correspondence with tax offices in Poland and abroad.

We also work with a translation agency, guaranteeing transparent translations of documents and forms into Danish and Norwegian.