Documents necessary for the settlement of income in Denmark

The annual settlement deadline in Denmark expires on 1 May 2020. Until 1 July 2020, you may submit settlements adjustments for 2019.

What documents are required to settle tax from employment in Denmark?

  1. Oplysningseddel – A document from your employer
  2. Your annual settlement with SKAT (Årsopgørelse 2019) – the tax office – and other documents received from SKAT (e.g. pre-settlement Forskudsopgørelde 2019)
  3. Monthly payslips (documents obtained upon payment) for 2019. This document often includes additional deductions which may affect settlement and which are not indicated on the annual settlement.
  4. TastSelv-kode (SKAT portal code or password), or NemID codes

    In the absence of TastSelv-kode or NemID codes, or if you’ve forgotten your password, a single TastSelve-kode must be obtained. We can help you obtain such a code.

  5. Brief information about your stay in Denmark, including:
    • the number of days of stay;
    • the person paying the costs of travel between Poland and Denmark, and any commuting from your place of residence in Denmark to your workplace (if more than 24 km a day).

      If these costs are paid by the employee, please indicate the number of kilometres in each direction, and provide us with a copy of any documents related to transport (plane tickets, ferry tickets, receipts for petrol, etc.) or prepare a statement of travel according to dates, number of kilometers and names of the place of departure and the place of destination (i.e. a mileage logbook);

    • the person paying the costs of accommodation;

      If the costs are paid by the employee, please also state the amount and provide documents confirming payment (e.g. lease agreement, bank transfers, deductions from wages/salary, etc.).

    • any meal service or allowance paid by the employer (please specify the number of daily meals).

You will also be required to provide your valid phone number and e-mail address.

Basic tax credits available to foreign workers working in Denmark:

  • credit for commuting to work (including travel between Poland and Denmark)
  • tax relief for accommodation costs is (DKK 219 per day) and meals (DKK 509 per day) – the deduction limit in 2019, is DKK 28,000 per year,
  • base credit – the tax-free amount, calculated on a pro rata basis for those working less than 12 months per year in Denmark. Income from a few months may also be converted into a full year, taking into account the full tax-free amount;
  • credit for contributions to trade unions (up to the limit of DKK 6,000 per year).
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